Sing Log Homes

Welcome to Sing Log Home. The most innovative home in USA. Almost 20 years ago SingCore Founder, Peter Sing, had an idea. He realized homes could be built faster and better, at a lower price than what was previously possible. Mr. Sing came up with the idea for Sing Log Homes, expertly engineered homes, based on patented SingCore products and cutting-edge building methods.

Sing Log Homes require less skill and fewer man hours to assemble the finest homes possible. All this can be yours, with Sing Log Homes.

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  • Why Sing Log Home is better than any other home system
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  • Why square logs are better than round logs home building?
  • Why insulated logs are better than round, laminated, or milled log
  • Builder friendly Log Homes – ( Patented Modular Log Homes
  • Designing and planning your log home – it’s Fun!
  • Why we do not offer log home Kits?
  • Sing Logs – less shrink, twisting, and checking
  • Patented insulated log – ( Savings by the truckload
  • Do you need a log home general contractor?
  • Financing your Log Home – ( What do banks think?
  • How to make money by building your own log home

Suddenly almost every home building system claims to be “Green”! The Patented Sing home is the only home system willing to put up a $1000. reward to stand behind our “Green” claim. Following are some different home building systems you might browse to compare with the Sing home system. Your choice of a dream home should be based on fact. Learning all the facts will help you understand why Sing Log Homes are the best. Besides the financial benefit of building a Sing Home, you gain a life style of simple, functional, elegant living, in harmony with the earth.

In addition to our home system, we also offer a $1000 reward if you can find a better stronger floor with built in insulation, a better insulated window frame, insulated picture window, a more lightweight high strength insulated door, a stronger lightweight roof system, or stronger lightweight affordable furniture. Our Patented core invention is the highest strength, lightest weight, dimensionally stable, energy efficient, functional, renewable & recyclable, easy to build, affordable and environmentally friendly building material. Sing Home building material is made of patented honeycomb core, which is the heart and soul of our Sing Home building system. We use clean renewable natural wood veneer to create the strongest energy efficient home building components with the lowest cost.

The following home systems can be found through an Internet search. The more you learn about them the more you will love our Sing Log Homes:

    • Mill log – ( Precision Craft log and timber home, Tennessee log home, Honest Abe Log Homes, Hearthstone Log Homes and Timber frame
    • Hand craft log – ( Town & Country Cedar Homes, Aspen Log Homes, Pioneer Log Homes
    • D log – ( B and H Cedar Log Homes, Pan Adobe Cedar Homes, Jim Barna Log Homes, Strongwood Log Home, Hiawatha Log Homes
    • Insulated log homes – ( Great Lake laminators,
    • Laminated log homes – ( Glu–lam–(log-inc, Anthony logs,
    • Other log homes – ( Lindal Cedar Home, Golden eagle log home, Appalachian log homes, Kuhn bros log homes, Barna Log homes, Rocky mountain log home, Precision log homes, Original Lincoln logs, Ward Log Homes, Real Log Home, 1867 Confederation Log Homes, Northern Log Homes, Tomahawk Log Homes, Alpine Log, Satterwhite Log Homes, Battle Creek Log Homes, StoneMill Log Homes, Appalachian Log Homes, Log, Oak log home, log home builders association, wilderness log homes, log
    • 2×6 frame home – ( Viceroy home, Linwood home,
    • Post and beam homes – ( Deck home, Yankeee Barn Homes,
    • Structural insulated panel homes – ( Premier building systems and other home building systems to start your search.
    • Icf homes – ( Quad Lock, Amvic Building System
    • Straw bale homes – ( Solar Haven