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Thanks to our experience, Sing Log Home serves our customers like no one else can. We focus on the little things, so you can focus on the bigger picture. Right down to the smallest detail, we’re here to ensure that pieces are in place for you to have your best home ever. But don’t take our word for it —listen to what former customers are saying:

  • A Testimonial from Dave Kellog – Dave Kellog is the first Sing Home customer to build in Wyoming. He’s beginning with a 24′ x 36′ multiple use cabin, and will later add a large Sing Timber residence. Dave writes:

    “The project is going extremely well… the building is 24′ x 36′, and after the foundation and floors were poured, I got to wall height (10’3″) in just seven days… All work has been completed by me alone…so this has been a one person operation. I have had a lot of interested folks stop by, all very curious about the Sing Timbers. I think when I get the house and garage built, I may spec one just to see how well it sells! It has been a lot of fun so far, just like building with big Legos, and boy is this thing solid! I really like the Sing system, it is wonderful for ‘do it yourselfers’, especially if it is only yourself doing it!”

    Dave Kellog
    Lander, Wyoming

  • A Testimonial from Bob & Linda Freeman – The Freemans built two Sing Homes, a 24′ x 24′ cabin w/ garage, and a 2000 s.f. prow front home. They write:

    “We built the garage/bonus room last year because our home in Bellingham was still for sale. We wanted to see if Sing Logs was what we really wanted. It turned out better than we thought it would. They are easy for people who know nothing about construction work. They look great and the logs are very strong…stronger than conventional post and beam. How do we know? We are now building the house attached to the garage and I had to cut the door opening. It was really difficult to knock the door out, even after it was cut with a chain saw! The logs also make the interior quiet, and through the winter, it was toasty warm with just a propane stove.”

    Bob and Linda Freeman
    Mazama, Washington

  • Aaron from Washington State – After 2 1/2 years of living in their Sing Log Home, Aaron talks of the many advantages:

    I have lived in my Singhome for 2.5 years. My wife and I are very pleased with the product, and are enjoying every aspect of our new home. I opted to use the honeycomb window frames, exterior doors, and sub-floor products. The window frames have worked very well, and the windows have shown no signs of moisture in the tracts, weeping, etc. The doors are also functioning well, and are not only strong, but they minimize noise and are fully insulated. Lastly, the Honeycomb floor panels have provided for an ultra-insulated floor with amazing strength. I was able to put a radiant heat system on top of the honeycomb panels with 2,000ft. of pex tubing and 1.5″ of concrete on top. The Honeycomb easily manages the weight of the concrete while the insulation in the panels themselves help to keep the heat in the home. The house is amazingly solid, and very quiet. Even during storms, the wind and rain are nicely muted.

    Washington State

  • Gary Speaks out about the energy efficiency – One other benefit I have noticed is the general comfort level of the home:

    One other benefit I have noticed is the general comfort level of the home. The humidity is very stable. Though I have not had it officially measured, it never feels muggy in my home. Even on very warm days in the 80’s or 90’s, the house stays quite cool. When I visit my dad’s house a few miles away, I notice that his house is quite warm inside on those hot days. The heating bill for our 2,300sq. ft. home is around $200.00 per month in the winter. I turn off my heating system completely from May until Oct.

    Washington State

  • Chuck Dudley – Pioneer Home Services – I was introduced to the Sing Home concept about 5 years ago and have since built 4 of them, with 2 more coming up in the Spring:
    I was introduced to the Sing Home concept about 5 years ago and have since built 4 of them, with 2 more coming up in the Spring. After having built with their product, I do not want to build again using conventional framing. There simply is no comparison in quality, stability and strength, longevity, energy efficiency, or beauty. The cost is comparable to a custom stick-built home, but with so many more advantages. There is also a financial advantage with a Sing Home. As soon as the home is completed it can easily be worth more than a third more than it cost to build.
    Can I recommend a Sing home? Absolutely I can! I stake my reputation of 35 years in construction on the Sing Home product.
    Chuck Dudley
    Pioneer Home Services
    P.O. Box 466
    Snohomish, WA 98291-0466

  • Chiggers Stokes talks of the diversity and benefits Sing Log Homes provide
    – I built my home six years of which Sing Log was 50% of the expense. It is just over 3,000 square feet on four levels with an additional 250 feet of covered porch. I live in the Bogachiel Rain Forest:

    I built my home six years of which Sing Log was 50% of the expense. It is just over 3,000 square feet on four levels with an additional 250 feet of covered porch. I live in the Bogachiel Rain Forest, 10 miles southeast of Forks, Washington. If you look out my east window down a 2 mile-wide corridor, there is no human presence for 50 miles. Looking to the west, there are about a dozen families between myself and Asia. The neighborhood is un-electrified and I am powered by a one kilowatt hydroelectric station which I built and have maintained for twenty five years. Sing Log was a good choice for building material for me, given its durability and energy efficiency…

    Overall, my satisfaction with the superstructure is high. Aesthetics are a personal thing, but most people that visit this house remark that it is quite beautiful. I like the fact that Peter Sing has found a way to use the waste from cedar mills to create a product that is pleasing to look at and characteristic of old growth cedar – without another stump in the woods.

    Once I treated the house with two coats of Sikkens preservative, the walls became impervious to moss, bugs, rot and the occasional photo degradation that characterizes this climate. Since application of the Sikkens, the finish and underlying structure look very stable. Living on this rain forest property for three decades I have seen many of my improvements come and go. It is with some satisfaction that I believe this house will be here years after I am gone.

    The insulation value of the house seems to by what the manufacture claimed. I have 250′ of plastic pipe embedded in the concrete slab of the lower floor of the house. My wood stove is plumbed into the hot water system and controlled with thermostats on the stove chimney and water pipes. When the stove is going and the water temperature reaches 190’F, the water is pushed through the floor. Except in freezing weather, if I burn the stove for four to eight hours, the house stays comfortable for 24. The heating is backed up with a propane hot water heater so that I can keep the house temperature about 50’F when I’m gone for extended periods. The energy efficiency of Sing Log product is a significant virtue.

    Time will tell, but at this point I am highly satisfied with the Sing Log house that I call Home. While it is especially well suited for an alternative energy house situated in the rain forest, it is a very reasonable and affordable construction in suburbia. I hope and expect that my joy and satisfaction will continue to increase.


    Chiggers Stokes
    Customer in 2000 (previous generation of Sing Logs medium sized)

    CALL – (360)495-3577


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