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Sing Log Homes
Simply a Better Way to Build

Patented Sing Insulated logs

Sing logs are made with Patented Sing honeycomb core for insulation that provides a warm, natural, comfortable and energy efficient home. At the same time it is strong, dimensionally stable (less shrinking, cracking or checking than any other type of log) and easy to work with.

It is simply a better way to build a better home.

About Sing Square Logs
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The Sing Square Log is the heart and soul of our building system. With our patented quarter sawing process, this double-wall, double tongue-and-groove square log sandwiched with patented Sing Honeycomb core for high strength, dimensionally stable and insulation for energy savings the only log that can provide function of termal mass as log home and insulation exceed conventional frame home Sing Log Home is hybrid of conventional frame home and traditional log home it has advantage of both unique home system. Simple, functional and elegant home.

The Sing Square Log wall [fig-a] has eight-inch thick wall with 3 inch insulated Sing Honeycomb sandwiched between two pieces vertical grain heavy plank cedar or Fir it is the most straight hi precision log ever made in log home history we guarantee this claim with $1000 reward to the first person who is able to prove we are not what we claim.

Sing Eco Log

Our Sing Eco-Log [fig-b] is made of a patented 3 inch thick urethane honeycomb core sandwiched between kiln dried cedar or Douglas fir double Tongue and Grove heavy plank. It is the most dimensionally stable, insulated, lightweight log ever designed at low cost. The Sing Eco-Log measures 6” W x 8.5” H x 8’ for easy shipping and handling It can be extended to 24’ in length at job site and weight approximately six pounds per linear foot.

With Sing Eco-Log you get a log-home with high insulation value and thermal mass at a less cost with the same easy to build building system as the original Sing log.

With Sing Eco-Log you get a log-home feel at a lesser price with the same easy to build building system as the original Sing log.

Sing Vertical Grain Log

Sing Eco Log






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