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Sing Log Home - Unique Designs
Sing Log Home - Unique Designs
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kits
Log Home Log Building Kits
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kits
Pre-fabricated Square Log  Homes
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kits
Pre-fabricated Log  Homes - Do It Yourself Designs
About Sing Log Homes

Sing Home owner Peter Sing
The Sing home-building system started in 1992 as the founder /inventor Peter Sing patented his first vertical grain square log. There were already 24 patents under his name at that time. Since then, there have been a dozen more inventions related to home building products and methods and most are now in production as part of the Sing home-building system.


Peter Sing at workAll the inventions of Mr. Sing are based on improving our life style with the least burden to our Mother Nature. These inventions pertain to energy efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable, longevity building materials. These are the prime emphasis of the Sing home-building system. Because of this, Sing home has been invited to build several full size homes in different home shows.


Over the last 15 years Sing Home has proven itself to be among the strongest, most energy efficient and environmentally responsible of home-building systems.

  • In 2002 Sing home was honored to build the featured home in the San Francisco bay area, at the Peninsula Home Show.
  • Sing picture window structure frame has the highest insulation of any picture windows in history - R-28 instead of the conventional window frame of R-2 or less
  • Sing home building materialsfeature dimensionally stable vertical grain timber, which is --less twisting, checking and shrinking. It provides the greatest strength and utilizes the less natural wood fibers.
Sing Square Log Homes
PO Box 1691, McCleary, WA 98557, USA
Phone: (360)495-3577   Fax: (360)495-4585

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